Girl Rising Educator's Edition DVD + License

Please Note: If you purchase the Girl Rising Educator's Edition DVD + License now you will be receiving the original film and not the Fifth Anniversary Edition. Educator DVDs for the Fifth Anniversary Edition will be available soon.

The Educators’ Edition of Girl Rising is customized for use in educational institutions and universities. It includes:


  • The feature film, broken into chapters for classroom use
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide including country and issue guides, discussion points for each chapter and more
  • More than a dozen video “extras” including the film trailer, director’s message, behind the scenes, Meet the Writers series, among others.

By purchasing, you agree to the following license agreement and terms for screening of the film Girl Rising. If you are located in Canada, the United States or other U.S. territories, purchase your Educator Edition here. If you are located outside of these regions, please purchase from this page. 

After you purchase your license a PDF copy will be emailed to you.

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